How It All Started

It wasn’t until an extended trip around China with a friend in high school that I fully became aware of my travel passions.  New people, cultures, food, and a whole new comfort zone for a 17 year old – I loved every second of it.

Throughout college I would continue my exploration around the US, culminating with an epic cross country trip which reached 10 National Parks and brought my state total just a few shy of 50.  It was probably this trip which was the true turning point; I now had the bug and I couldn’t shake it.

That same year, fall of 2013, I did what any recent grad “should” do and made moves to Washington, DC to start my first job.  It was a crappy entry level gig, and from day one I can remember only thinking about saving enough money to make my first extended solo backpacking trip.

After an unexpected new job offer in Spring of 2014 I delayed the trip once more and began making maps for a political startup, and committed to working through the 2014 election cycle.

Finally, in March of ’15, with my one-way ticket in hand, I was off to Madrid via JFK.  5 months, hundreds of friends, and 25 countries later I made my way back home and began to acclimate back to my normal DC working schedule again; things would never be the same!

Why I Travel

It’s truly amazing what can happen when you take a leap of faith and follow your dreams.

Traveling brings out the best of yourself, and in my case, helped me realize the things most important: family, friends, an active and adventurous lifestyle, and constantly conquering new heights to fulfill personal satisfaction.

I always thought a permanent life on the road would be the perfect lifestyle, but after meeting plenty of people doing this and getting a taste for myself, I was happy to realize that this wasn’t for me – instead, finding a perfect balance of the above things is what I’m yearning to do.

What Is Retired of It All?

Am I ready to retire? Not quite…well, maybe.

It’s important to never stop learning, never stop gaining skills, and never stop being who you are.  I’m ready to fully take control my own life, without having to answer to a typical office job just because that’s what we “should” do, and that’s the only option out there.

If I want to be back in Ohio for a few months with friends and family, or spend some time with my Grandparents in Kentucky, or live in South America and brush up on my Spanish, why can’t I?

And that’s how this website was born.  Retired of it All is all about designing a lifestyle – one that I’m proud of, one that allows me to create time for myself, friends, and family and conquer all of those crazy dreams that are always lingering.

I wanted to create a place to share beautiful places that I’ve been to, experiences I’ve had along the way, people that have helped make it all happen, and tips to help inspire you to get out there and do the same.

I’m a budget traveler, love the outdoors & national parks, and always connecting with the locals.  I’m passionate about these things and hoping to help other likeminded travelers with their journeys.

In addition to posts based on my current and past traveling experiences, keep an eye out for posts from friends across the world, with insight, new perspectives, and the best things that their cities have to offer.

Happy traveling!