What to do at Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

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Up there with the Grand Canyon in Arizona, when you think of a place that epitomizes the astonishing beauty of the United States, Yellowstone National Park probably comes to mind. Whether you are with the kids and just want to … Continued

Glacier National Park Guide, Montana

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I’ve already mentioned that Zion National Park is my favorite national park in the US, but after putting together this article, it’s such a tough call! Zion and the Mighty 5 have some of the most unique dessert landscapes in … Continued

Rocky Mountain National Park Guide – Colorado

After a horrendously painful 8 hour drive through the soporific scenery of Kansas and eastern Colorado, we reached the Mile High City and got a glimpse of something in the distance I’d never seen before: The Rocky Mountains! We stayed … Continued

7 Reasons to Go on a Road Trip Right Now

What are you waiting for? Here’s 7 Reasons to Go on a Road Trip Right Now! I really can’t think of a better activity – there probably isn’t one out there.  The simple act of getting from place to place … Continued