Backpacking in Spain: The Best Hostel in Barcelona

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I’ve stayed in nearly 50 hostels around Europe, so it’s funny that the very first one that I stayed at has made such a big impression. Barcelona, an incredible city full of night life and world renowned landmarks , is … Continued

Backpacking in Spain: Best Places in Barcelona

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A beautiful sprawling city, vibrant colors, lively and diverse people, renowned nightlife, amazing public transport, great beaches, and chill, slow vibes are all reasons why Barcelona is one of my favorite cities in the world. My friend Mikel and I had … Continued

What to Do With 36 Hours in Madrid

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Only have 36 Hours in Madrid? Madrid was the first stop on my European hiatus, but due to missing a connecting flight and wedding plans a couple days later, my time was seriously limited. Mikel, my friend from Pamplona, picked … Continued

Sad Truth at San Fermin

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Between reuniting and meeting new friends, partying it up through the next morning in purple sangria stained clothes, and witnessing hundreds of people run for their lives down beautiful cobble stoned streets, I had an absolute blast and unbelievable experience … Continued