The Balkans: Most Beautiful and Underrated Place in Europe

  The Most Beautiful and Underrated Place in Europe It was an exhausting couple of months of mini bus rides through the winding roads of Bosnia and Albania, or gypsy filled trains of Bulgaria, but in hindsight, I wouldn’t have done … Continued

Triglav National Park’s Beautiful Lake Bohinj

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It’s hard to believe you can beat the pure beauty of Lake Bled, let alone in the same country – but if you head 20 minutes west, you’ll find just that. Bohinj (Boh-heen), the second of two lake destinations that … Continued

Backpacking in Slovenia: 5 Things to Do in Ljubljana

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After just a couple days in this adorable capital city, I could really see myself living in Ljubljana long term. The city that mesmerizes its visitors with its vibrant colors, friendly people, and relaxed pace of life is actually quite small … Continued