5 Cheap and Amazing Cities in Europe

5 Cheap and Amazing Cities in Europe

Cheap and Amazing Cities in Europe

Planning a backpacking trip around Europe?  You’ve been saving up money for months and making huge sacrifices to get to this point, and you’re ready to jump into the unknown.

So many people stick to the popular western European destinations like London, Amsterdam, Paris, and Barcelona, and although these places are great, they’ll eat up your hard earned savings pretty quickly.

Why not mix in a few other places off the beaten path, have just as of a good time, and make your dollar last longer than you ever thought was possible.

Take a look at these 5 Cheap and Amazing Cities in Europe to add to your itinerary:


1 – Prague

5 Cheap and Amazing Cities in Europe

The medieval city along the Vltava River has quickly become one of  Europe’s most desired destinations for it’s affordability and phenomenal party scene.  A common phrase is that the beer is cheaper than water in Prague, and I’m thrilled to report that it actually is!

Stay clear of the bars and restaurants in the Old Town city center where you’ll be disappointed with the high prices, but if you’re up for wandering through the cobble stone side streets and dark alleys, you’ll be rewarded with local watering holes every which turn.

$1 USD = 25 Czech Koruna
Hostels: $8-15
Beer: 25-40 czk ($1.25-2) for a half liter brew outside the city center


2 – Istanbul

5 Cheap and Amazing Cities in Europe

It might be my favorite city in the world, and I can’t encourage you to take a look for yourself.  With an illustrious history, this mega city encompassing two continents has it all.

The city has two major airports, so flying into Istanbul can be incredibly cheap, and is usually a good starting point if you’re coming from the US.

$1 USD = 3 Turkish Lira
Hostels: $8-15
Street Food: Grab kebabs, doners, or a sesame crusted simit for as cheap as 3-5 lira ($1-1.50)


3 – Sofia

5 Cheap and Amazing Cities in Europe

Out of 25 countries I’ve made to in Europe, Bulgaria is by far the cheapest.  Rolling into the capital, I was pumped to find the best hostel in town for $6, which even included dinner!

Packed with cool architecture and plenty of historical significance, you’ll definitely earn your unique travel badge if you reach this ruggedly beautiful city.

$1 USD = 1.80 Bulgarian Lev
Hostels: $5-10
Meals: Luxurious, traditional meals for $10
Beers: Buy the famous 2 liter beer from a supermarket for $1-1.50


4 – Sarajevo

5 Cheap and Amazing Cities in Europe

This capital has everything I look for in a city: fascinating history, friendly locals, close proximity to nature, and affordable prices.

Enjoy the free walking tour,  explore the dilapidated olympic bobsled track, and walk the Miljacka towards the site of the assassination of Franz Ferdinand.

$1 USD = 1.80 Bosnian Mark
Hostels: $8-12
Street food: Cevapi and bureks are cheap, plentiful, and soooo freaking good ($2-5)


5 – Zagreb

5 Cheap and Amazing Cities in Europe

One of the most overlooked capitals in Europe, tourists too often pass on Zagreb and head straight to the popular coastal destinations of Split and Dubrovnik.

With some of the best cafe culture in the world, Zagreb is an incredibly lively city beaming with energy.  I loved the public transport, Balkan relaxation & charm, and taste of Yugoslav history.

$1 USD = 7 Croatian Kruna
Hostels: $8-14
Happy hour: Zagreb has a great outdoor bar/cafe scene that is always bumping after work ($2-3 beers)



5 Cheap and Amazing Cities in Europe






What are some of your favorite cheap cities in Europe?



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